Growing My Hair Long... Again! #SELFIE

Last December 2012, I sported a pixie cut. You can see it in my Japan travel photos. I told my stylist, Anna, from Tony & Jackey that after the pixie cut, I will grow my hair long. Fast forward to four months later, I am back in the salon for the much needed trim and haircut update!

my semibob 'do!

This is me now! I was not able to post #selfies on Instagram or anywhere else because prior to my haircut, my hair is kind of hard to manage. Just imagine four months of no haircut tee hee

Warning... more #selfies after the break, read at your own risk...

I think I look more Korean than Chinese in this photo

After stepping out of the salon, I felt like one of the women in Gangnam Style video lol My hair looks like in its pre-pixie cut days, only now it's fuller at the back and with shorter side bangs.

#selfie without glasses on

I also decided not to color my hair anymore and grow my original color back hence the hair roots showing lol 

I told my stylist that I will see her in four months. That will be the schedule of my next haircut! I hope to sport a bob by December in time for my annual Christmas photo op. 

Have a blessed weekend!

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