Shoo Mosquito: Propolis Ointment, Cebo De Macho & Baygon Mat Anti-Dengue

Earlier this month, I blogged about Burt's Bees Outdoor Bug Bite Relief. Since I posted the entry, I got a lot of comments/suggestions for treating mosquitoes bites from readers like you. I found out online that one of the two active ingredients in Burt's Bees Outdoor Bug Bite Relief (Camphor) is not safe for babies... ack! *smacks myself in the head for not researching online before buying ; p

To make the long story short, I gave the tube to DH. I have since switched to Ilog Maria Propolis Ointment.

Ilog Maria Propolis Oitment 45g PhP 192.50 and SM Bonus Cebo De Macho 20g

A friend of ours went to Ilog Maria a few weeks ago. Bless him because he bought 2 jars of Ilog Maria Propolis Ointment for my baby. Now, why didn't I think of using that for treating my daughter's mosquito bites in the first place?! ; (

The mosquito bites she got during our Tagaytay vacation are healed already. My problem is her darkened skin where mosquito bite marks used to be. My SIL suggested Cebo De Macho, luckily, finding the product is easy. I found one near the check-out counter in SM Supermarket. I have been applying it onto her skin religiously.

To know more about the products and the results, read after the break....

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm Propolis Ointment Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial PhP 192.50

 For skin irritations and infections. Good for relief of persistent skin rashes, skin itches, insect bites, infected wounds & burns.

Made from Propolis Gold & Beeswax in an Olive Oil base. Scented with eucalyptus oil for added anti-microbial effect.

Eucalyptus oil has a calming effect on mind and body. Its rejuvenating properties aid in getting relief from sluggishness, muscle pain, exhaustion and mental fatigue. It is a good stimulant and thus help in enhancing blood circulation to increase cardiac activity.

The combination of all healing ingredients makes this one of our most powerful healing products. It is even good against pimples and acne. Some even used it as a deodorant.

 mosquito bite treated with Ilog Maria Propolis Ointment

The bite marks looks like it is healing well with the propolis ointment. 

Also available in 25g for only PhP 110.

 SM Bonus Cebo De Macho 20g

Cebo De Macho helps moisturize skin, reduce scars and helps remove blemishes.

 darkened skin treated with SM Bonus Cebo De Macho

By applying Cebo De Macho (CDM) after every bath, the mosquito bite marks have already lightened except for the one on the lower right (photo above). I am still applying Ilog Maria Propolis Ointment on that one.

 Baygon Mat Anti-Dengue Mosquitoes PhP 74.75W

I bought Baygon Mat to prevent mosquitoes from attacking us once more. Each mat works for eight hours. Just be careful not to leave the heater in the electric plug overnight, it can get really hot and dangerous.

The mat emits a light scent. I suggest you use this only when you have screened windows or screened doors. 

What's included inside the box:


 refill mats 

Refill mats are also available for only PhP 59.75.

How to use Baygon Mat Anti-Dengue Mosquitoes:

Step 1: Place a mat inside the heater & plug in an electrical outlet
I only plug this occasionally as I am afraid I would forget and leave it plugged for more than 8 hours plus the scent that it emits really bothers me. With that, I can't really prove that it is really effective.

Have you tried using this?

Step 2: After 8 hours, remove and replace the mat

I want to buy an electric mosquito killer, the one with an ultraviolet light from Imarflex. I can't seem to find the brand in SM Department Stores. Any idea where I can find Imarflex?

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