Baby Proofing: Secure-A-Lock & Outlet Cover w/ Keys

Now that baby girl is able to crawl and walk with the help of a traditional walker called andador, it's about time that I child proof (aka as Baby Proofing 101) our home.

 peek-a-boo! baby opening and closing cabinet doors

A few days ago, I posted the photo above on Instagram. Yesterday, I was surprised that she was able to reach a bottle of Bactidol inside. In the process, the bottle was dropped on the floor. Yes, it was a messy crime scene. Thank God, she was safe!

Anyway, after cleaning up the pile of mess. I vow to find a suitable preventive measure to prevent her from opening cabinet doors. 


Carter Onesies with Daddy's Girl print

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 Dream Baby Secure-A-Lock PhP 199.75

I bought Dreambaby Secure-A-Lock from Ace Hardware in Greenhills yesterday. It is suitable for use with mushroom shaped knobs (with stem up to 17mm in diameter) or D-shaped handles that are up to 95mm apart.

removing Secure-A-Lock is easy

To use:
  1. Press both buttons while sliding Secure-A-Lock outward
  2. Position on knobs or handles
  3. To close, slide the catch inward. Tighten thoroughly for maximum protection
  4. To remove, repeat step 1

 cabinet doors secured with Dream Baby Secure-A-Lock

 OMNI Outlet Cover w/ Keys PhP 76

I bought these OMNI outlet covers way before the Dream Baby Secure-A-Lock. I just plug the outlet cover into any unused electrical outlet to prevent electric shock.

Next on my agenda is a toilet lid lock. I read that a baby can drown accidentally in as little as 2 inch water.... scary! Now, where can I find one? Which one is really safe and secure?

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