Chicco Jazzy in Red Wave

I was not able to blog yesterday because it was my birthday. I was out celebrating with my parents during lunch and with DH and baby during dinner. Anyway, more on that in my next post!

For today, I want to share my recent purchase for my baby girl, a new high chair! When I went to Rustan's, I didn't know that there are a lot to choose from. Prices also varies. Chicco brand won me over because I think it was the most stable among the bunch.

Chicco Jazzy in Red Wave PhP 5,995.75

Just a precaution, highchairs are for kids who are able to sit upright without any help from an adult. This is recommended for babies that are 6 months or older. With this type, I can use it for my baby until she turns 3 years old or weighs 15kg. 

For a closer look, read after the break...

Chicco Activity Tray can be adjusted in 3 positions

Fitting/Adjusting the activity tray:

  1. Hold onto the activity tray and pull the fastener handes outwards
  2. The numbers on the armrest indicate the three different positions that the activity tray can be used in.
  3. Adjust the activity tray until the desired position is reached and released the handles

To remove, simply pull the fastener handles outwards and lift the tray upwards.

how it looks like without the activity tray
comfy cushioned/ padded backrest and seat

You can clean the cover with soft, damp cloth.
fixed crotch strap with 5-point safety harness and footrest

reclining backrest in first position
reclining backrest in third position

Reclining backrest adjustment:

  1. Pull the backrest upwards and recline it until the desired position is reached
  2. Release it
  3. Audible click will be heard, that means it's locked!

two side levers for closing the highchair
When the highchair is closed, it will stand up on its own
highchair closed (side view)

This highchair is so space-saving and ultra-compact. When not in use, the helper just folds it and place it in the corner of the dining room. Plus, the color matches my dining room ; p

I'll post some photos from my birthday in my next entry. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week!

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