Surprises on my Birthday!

This year, my birthday is extra special because I celebrated it for the first time with my daughter. Plus the fact that family, relatives, friends and readers from all over the world greeted me online via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I received a lot of SMS greetings too. I even got one from our ex-househelp who now works for my SIL ; p Some even attempted to call me on my phone but my cellphone is always on SILENT mode these days lol

People who are close to me know that celebrating my birthday is a big thing for me. Getting all the attention for one day has made me a very happy person so thank you all!

Dulcelin Mango Torte from my carebear friend, Leony

I just want to thank the following people who made my day extra special starting with my very good friend and elementary classmate, Leony. She never fails to deliver something special for my birthday. This year, she gave a very delicious Mango Torte from Dulcelin. I kept it frozen and only took it out for dessert after dinner last night ; p

Read the rest of the surprises after the break...

clockwise from top: Ultimate Hawaiian Overload, Pasta Supreme and my favorite Crispy Glazed Chicken

Once again, thank you Greenwich Barkada and Cookie!

After my birthday cum dinner date, I thought that was it because I could not ask for more. When I opened my email, a long time reader of mine, Jane Go of Sugar, Spice and everything Nice, wrote me a letter.

Here's an excerpt from her email...

 email sent by Jane Go

I was so touched by her email. We corresponded the next day and I received this beautiful pair of earrings for my daughter that same day.

TAKA Jewellery loop earrings from Jane Go

"It's never too early for baby girls to have diamonds haha, no matter how tiny it may be!" - Jane Go

I could not have agreed more lol

 ensaymadas from the Palms Deli

Jane also sent a boxful of ensaymadas from the Palms Deli which my DH ate with gusto ; p

handwritten cards that came with the gifts

Jane, thank you so much for you generosity, I am looking forward to meeting you someday soon!

For those of you who are waiting for my yearly Birthday Blowout, I am so sorry to disappoint you. BUT, that's a big but... the year is not over yet! Who knows I might throw one SOON!

Ok, enough being on the senti side, back to regular programming in my next entry ; p

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