Greenhills Uno Seafood Palace Birthday Celebration

May 5, 2013

Greenhills Uno Seafood Palace
43 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan
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My birthday is a monthlong celebration. After celebrating it with DH on my actual birthday, I celebrated it again with my family last Sunday in Greenhills Uno Seafood Palace. It is located where Annapolis Seafood Restaurant used to be.

birthday cake bought from Hizon's

My sister's birthday is actually 3 days after my birthday so this second party is a joint birthday celebration! We always buy cake from Hizon's, it's our favorite. The sweetness is just right and the cake is always moist, never dry.

We ordered from the restaurant's set menu. Read after the break for photos of the yummy dishes...

 Greenhills UNO Assorted Cold Cuts

This set of cold cuts has several of my favorites - century egg, seaweed and pork bbq.

 complimentary birthday noodles

Since it was both our birthday, a birthday noodle is a must! I only get to eat quail egg during parties ; p Yummy!
 Steamed Suahe

Live and fresh from the tank, steamed suahe is the best.  Because it's my birthday, DH took the shell off the shrimps ; p

 Fried Stuffed Taro with Seafood

I am not fond of taro so I didn't touch this. I am saving some room for the fish and crab lol

 Fried Scallop Soup with Assorted Meat

I only had a few spoonful because I am not a soup person. I forgot to add black vinegar on it ; (

 Peking Duck - skinned

Oh, this is the best part of the set menu!!! First, we made sure that this Peking Duck is not from China lol Then we attack it like there's no tomorrow hahaha Do not forget to add Hoisin sauce, it is the best!!!

 Steamed Lapu-Lapu with Soy Sauce

My seatmates could not resist this dish, they were way faster than my camera lol

 Steamed Crabs in Twin Tone Eggs

By this time, I was already full. I only get to eat one crab leg ; (

There is one other dish that was not in the photo- Minced Duck Meat with Lettuce. This is the second way of cooking for the Peking Duck. You can wrap it with lettuce or eat it over rice. Pity, I forgot to take a photo ; (

complimentary Masachi

By this time, i was too ful, I only have room for one dessert and I chose the Almond Fruit Cocktail ; )

complimentary Almond Fruit Cocktail

 Estrel's cake

My ninong sent over a birthday cake since he can't make it to dinner. I love Estrel's too but I find it sweeter than Hizon's.

Our set menu costs PhP 7,980 + 10% Service Charge (SC) with free one round of bottomless drinks (PhP 800). I paid in cash so the SC is waived. Wet tissues are PhP 5 a piece. Plain rice costs PhP 40 per cup.

PROMO! Greenhills Uno Seafood Palace is taking 30% off on Ala Carte Menu every Monday to Saturday for the whole month of May.

Another birthday celebration coming up ; ) Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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