Biscoff Spread for Breakfast

After blogging about Krispy Kreme's Speculoos Cookie Butter doughnut yesterday afternoon, I'm blogging about Biscoff Spread which I had for breakfast earlier today. 

rich, creamy Biscoff Spread

When the online battle between Speculoos and Biscoff began, I would always comment on other blog posts that I am fine with just plain old peanut butter. That was until I tasted Biscoff this morning ; p

Biscoff Spread is a delicious European alternative to peanut butter. Made with Original Biscoff Cookies.

I swear I could almost feel cookie crumbs inside my mouth upon my initial taste test ; ) I could not get enough of it so I got a piece of wheat bread to spread my Biscoff with.

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Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread + Lotus Biscoff Spread = Perfect Combination

sealed for your protection

mix of soy bean oil, sun flower oil, canola oil and palm oil
my yummy breakfast this morning

What I like about Biscoff Spread:

  • Perfect for Vegan
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Excellent on toast, in a sandwich or even on apples

Shout out to my neighbor and fellow blogger, Rowena, for giving me a jar of Biscoff Spread bought from her recent US trip. Thanks!

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