Baby Steps: Walking at 11 Months

I am so happy to share another baby milestone!

A day before she turned 11 months, my baby walked towards her dad unassisted. We were all so happy to witness my baby's latest development. Her "zombie" walk is so cute!

 walking towards her current favorite toy, a push walker

I took the photo above inside her playroom where she can crawl, walk and play all day. To find out what helped her train to walk, read more after the break...

 baby walker

Initially, I used this baby walker but upon seeing that it does not help her in any way (she was walking backwards and sideways), I shifted to the local andador (photo below). Plus, I read so many bad reviews from using a baby walker.

 andador bought in the province of Bicol for only PhP 170

Within a few weeks of using andador, she started taking baby steps... 1-2-3! Even now that she knows how to walk, she still uses andador in our living room as a precaution (hmmm... more like a shield or protector so she won't bump any tables, chairs and other pointed objects).

convertible push walker from her ninang... thank you!

 push walker helps her balance

But at 11 months, I still don't see any tooth coming out... waaaaaah! I hope she gets at least one or two teeth before she turns one ; )

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