Baptismal Dress from Periwinkle

As early as May, I was already preparing for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. I was so preoccupied with the party's venue and dealing with different suppliers that I have forgotten to book a church for her baptism which will be held on the same day as her birthday party ; p I know, I was negligent.

Anyway, the good news is, I already booked a church... yey!

 Periwinkle Ujana (H11) All White Dress 50% off PhP 1,725.00 862.50

While I was looking for a party dress (we have a kiddie party to attend this Saturday), I saw this all white dress from Periwinkle at 50% off. This is perfect because the church's requirement is to have the child wear an all white or beige clothes. Another problem solved ; )

To find out what my daughter will wear on Saturday, click after the break...

Periwinkle Ursula 11 Party Dress (gray/white) PhP 1,495 747.50

*baby hanger bought from Howards Storage World

I was contemplating on buying this or the pink casual dress. In the end, I want my baby girl to feel classy and elegant so I went for this dress hahaha 

Now, my only problem is what am I going to wear to the party ; p I haven't been shopping for myself, well, except for the bracelets that I am addicted to ; p Now, if only Periwinkle carries clothes for moms too that would be perfect!

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