Imarflex Electric Insect Killer & Messy Bessy Anti-Roach Spray

I am very concerned about the mosquitoes & cockroaches found inside our house especially now that I have a baby. That's why whenever I am in a supermarket, I am always on the lookout for an all natural insect spray, powder, gel and yes, even a mosquito repellent patch. Just recently while shopping in S&R, I bought a big electric insect killer. Quesehodang mahal, pikit mata nalang!

Shoo! Bugs Citronella Spray Alternative Mosquito Repellent 250ml PhP 199, Messy Bessy Anti-Roach Spray 500ml PhP 450 and Non-Toxic X-Terminator Cockroach and Termite Eradicator 150 grams PhP 95

DH bought Shoo!Bugs Citronella Spray in True Value while I bought the Messy Bessy Anti-Roach Spray and Non-Toxic X-Terminator in The Echo Store in Podium Mall. 

To know more about these products, read after the break...

Messy Bessy Anti-Roach Spray 500ml PhP 450

Often times, I am caught off guard when I spot a cockroach in my bathtub. Either I shout for help or I pick up the nearest anti-roach spray. I usually end up killing it using the spray because I am afraid it will crawl towards me if I didn't kill it first ; p

Although my old anti-roach spray kills the cockroach in an instant, I hate its toxic fumes. Good thing I found Messy Bessy Anti-Roach Spray while looking around The Echo Store in Podium. I was only supposed to buy the non-toxic X-Terminator but then I thought I'd give it a try.

How to use Messy Bessy Anti-Roach Spray:

Spray liberally and directly on the cockroach- that's what I do! It takes longer but the cockroach will eventually die  ; p I always spray near the trash bin even if there is no visible cockroach around just to be on the safe side. You never know what will creep beside you, right?

Active ingredient: Patchouli oil

Shoo! Bugs Citronella Spray Alternative Mosquito Repellent 250ml PhP 199

Citronella is known as an alternative mosquito repellent. I used to buy the plant itself but I need something that I can spray whenever the need arises. Good thing DH saw this bottle of Shoo! Bugs on the top shelf while we were shopping inside True Value. It is effective and the bottle says that it is safe to use around the children- an important factor if you ask me.

Non-Toxic X-Terminator Cockroach and Termite Eradicator 150 grams PhP 95

I bought this bottle of non-toxic X-Termintator Cockroach and Termite Eradicator but was not able to use it ; ( You see, I have three dogs in the house, I could not risk them not eating the powder. The bottle says "Guaranteed Super Effective & Safe (contains non-poisonous material), but still, di ba? I gave the bottle to my mom. Has anybody used it with pets living inside their house?

Pest Off! Cockroach Gel 10g

I think I bought this Pest Off! Cockroach Gel in SM Hypermarket, I forgot how much it cost though. Sa super dami kong anti-roach product, ayan tuloy, I don't know which one is really effective hahaha I think this is better than the powder kasi hindi nagkakalat. One thing I know, this is not made of natural ingredients because there's a warning on the label: Keep out of reach of children ; p

MoskiShield Mosquito Repellent Patch 24 patches 

I bought MoskiShield Mosquito Repellent Patch together with Pest Off! Cockroach Gel. My baby likes to put things she sees inside her mouth so I still have not put these patches to test. 

MoskiShield cute characters

Imarflex Insect Killer Made in Taiwan FEI-20W 230Va.c.- 60Hz 40WPhP 4,300

I <3 Imarflex brand. I bought another brand of electric insect/bug killer from SM Hypermart but it was not as effective (read: does not zap mosquitoes even if it is near ; p) This Imarflex bug killer has killed a lot of mosquitoes in our dining room. It is worth every peso I paid for.

Do you use any of the products I featured here? Which ones are effective?

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