Tutti Frutti Yogurt at 50% off in Robinsons Magnolia

July  11, 2013

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt
L/G Floor, Robinsons Magnolia

Whenever my family and I are in Robinsons Magnolia, our go to frozen yogurt place is Red Mango. However, when we went there today, the store was closed for a company meeting. Luckily, there is another yogurt place found at the lower ground floor called Tutti Frutti.

 Papaya 5oz. 50% off PhP 100 50; Mochi topping PhP 10
Unlike Red Mango, Tutti Frutti is a weigh and pay frozen yogurt place. The exciting news is, the store features 2 Flavors of the Week each week at 50% off with a minimum purchase of 5 oz. Toppings not included.

This week, the featured flavors are Papaya (photo above) and Orange Cream. Of course, I ordered both with one toppings each ; p

To know more about the weigh and pay serving instruction, read after the break....

 Orange Cream 5oz. 50% off PhP 50; Almond shavings PhP 10

Weigh & Pay serving instruction:

  1. Select cup size
  2. Dispense frozen yogurt
  3. Pick favorite toppings
  4. Weigh and Pay

Without the promo, you have to pay PhP 20 per ounce.

 just some of the toppings 

 my dad enjoying his order of Orange Cream

Papaya is better than Orange Cream. Both are sweet though. I am looking forward to find out which flavors are featured next week.

What is your favorite frozen yogurt place?

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