Sexier You with Marie France

July 23, 2013

Sexier You Party
Marie France E. Rodriguez Branch
30th Floor, MDC 100 Building
E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. cor. Eastwood Ave.,
Quezon City

Marie France, the only slimming center that offers Money Back Guarantee, has invited me to try out one of its Sexy Specials of the Day. These are non-invasive slimming treatments like Fat Mobilization System and Physique Inch-Loss, Vela Contour, Vara Pulse, Cool Sculpting and UltraShape-VDF that's proven effective by its numerous clients.

(left to right) With the beautiful girls of Marie France, Bea, NJ and Nica

I love the girls of Marie France, they are all warm and welcoming to think that the event was at 9:30 in the morning. We were all in our pink robes, very girly and sexy lang ang peg!

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Sexier You tagline of Marie France

Whenever they hold an event, Marie France gives attention to details. I felt like a princess that day!

comfy and glittery bedroom slippers, robe and pillow

All items are in pink!

sexy menu for the day by Atelier 317

Guests were given a menu that included the corresponding calories of each item. I have to learn how to start counting my calorie intake ; p

meet Tamita- body composition analyzer

I was aghast to find out through Tamita that my metabolic age was 10 years more than my actual age.... waaaaaaaah! I need Marie France to help me slim down... NOW!

I was able to try Vela Contour (say bye bye to bulges and clingy cellulite!). It reshapes and resculpts problem areas in your body, in my case- arms and tummy, without the risk of surgery. It also reduces cellulite.

The machine is like a powerful suction with infrared heat. I think all my fats were awakened and destroyed by the machine which was really cool by the way. I was wondering if NJ was mad at me for letting me try for the first time such a complex machine ; p Tiis ganda lang ang peg! I am happy to say that I survived it ; )

After my 45 minute session, I was able to talk to one of Marie France's consultant. I was able to heave a sigh of relief when she told me that to lose weight (I need to lose 25 pounds!), I need to begin with Fat Mobilization System (FMS) and Physique Inch Loss. I can give Vela Contour another try right after the FMS program.

Fat Mobilization System (FMS) is a cold body wrap system that uses Thermogenesis to induce unwanted fat to "burn itself off" while Physique Inch Loss builds and tones muscle in abdomen, flanks and back. The combination treatment lasts for 45 minutes.

I can't wait to start my "Sexier You" program with Marie France!

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