Luxurious Pevonia Treatment at Fifth Season Spa in Astoria Plaza

July 24, 2013

Fifth Season Spa
La Fayette Room
3rd Floor, Astoria Plaza
Escriva Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
6871111   9100270   3816899

These days, I hardly have time for myself, let alone indulge in a relaxing spa treatment. So, when my favorite premium spa brand, Pevonia, invited me to have a spa treatment of my choice, I just could not say no.

 Revitalizing Cold Pebbles Station

La Fayette function room was turned into an extension of the newest spa in town- Fifth Season Spa. Upon entering, my hands were washed with a special soap. While eating merienda treats, I saw a woman seated on the chair above. She looked so calm and relaxed.

Naturally, I wanted my own zen moment so I got up and sat on the chair as soon as she vacated the seat ; p The treatment was so relaxing especially when the cold pebbles were applied with slight pressure on the back of my neck. I told the therapist to let me know if the treatment was already done because I was afraid I might dozed off to sleep ; ) That or I am just too tired from all the chores and mommy duties I have been doing lately ; p

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 foot scrub before my Pevonia Tropical Delight

Fifth Season Spa has five rooms- Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and last but not the least is the Fifth Season. While waiting for my room to be ready, I was treated to a 30-minute foot spa.

 one of the rooms at Fifth Season Spa

Tropical Delight PhP 2,200

 De-Aging body scrub and massage infused with skin smoothing tropical fruit extracts

Pevonia Tropical Delight was what I really needed. Imagine experiencing pure tropical bliss with papaya and pineapple fruit extracts aromatic scrub to refine and brighten skin. This was followed by a soothing massage. For awhile there, I forgot all my worries and just enjoyed the 90-minute treatment.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to attend to the needs of my husband and baby... breakfast time!

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