50% off at Peking Garden with Metrobank Platinum Mastercard

August 1, 2013

Peking Garden
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Last night, my girl friends and I feasted on Peking Duck at Peking Garden. All five of us shared a whole duck cooked in three ways! The good news is that you too can have a taste of my favorite dish at half the price off if you have a Metrobank Platinum Peso Mastercard or Metrobank World Mastercard.

 Peking Duck cooked in 3 ways PhP 2900 PhP 1450

First to come out was Peking Ducks' skin together with some onion leeks and thinly sliced cucumber. It was succulent and mouth watering. We all loved it!

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How to eat a Peking Duck:

 Step 1: Lay down the wrapper on plate; Add few slices of Peking Duck, cucumber and onion leeks; Topped with Hoisin sauce

 Step 2: Wrap it and enjoy!
Salt & Pepper Peking Duck (3rd way)

I didn't take a photo of how the second way was cooked because I know most of you already know it- Minced Peking Duck with Lettuce. Now, what I want to show you is the new way of cooking the third way- Salt & Pepper Peking Duck. This was served to us instead of Peking Duck soup.

 E-Fu Noodles

Aside from E-Fu Noodles, we also ordered another dish called Assorted Seafood with Beancurd in Hotpot (not in the photo).

We paid PhP 460 per pax. Not bad for a whole Peking Duck experience ; p

Peking Garden 50% off promo is valid until August 23, 2013 only. Call the restaurant for more details.

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