Saint's Alp Teahouse in Robinsons Magnolia

August 3, 2013

Saint's Alp
3rd Floor, Cinema Level
Robinsons Magnolia

Yesterday, I was back in Robinsons Magnolia. I was supposed to go to SM Megamall but the traffic was terrible. It's always like this when there's heavy rainfall... sigh!

Anyway, I have been eying this cozy tea shop called Saint's Alp Teahouse on the third level for quite sometime now. I coaxed my mom to try this instead of our usual hang out, The French Baker ; p

 Black Tea with Milk PhP 115

I ordered a tall glass of Black Tea with Milk under Frothy-Tea with Pearl Tapioca. It's frothy alright and I love the taste, not too sweet! The tapioca pearl was chewy, in fact, so chewy that me and my mom had a hard time chewing it ; p

Available in hot or cold.

Read about the sandwiches we ordered after the break...

 Honey PhP 95

My sister ordered a pot of Honey classified under Classic Tea. You have a choice of Green or Black Base. You can also order it hot or cold.

There are other choices like White Moustache and Ice-Blended Sorbies which I would love to try on my next visit.

 Chicken Paprika Salad on Rye PhP 165

 Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet with lemon Aioli Sauce on Rye PhP 165

When ordering in Saint's Alp, I suggest that you stick with the various drinks available and order your sandwiches some place else. The chicken in Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet with Lemon Aioli Sauce on Rye was not great tasting as I expected a Taiwanese chicken should be while there was a little amount of paprika chicken in Chicken Paprika Salad on Rye. In short, it's not worth your money. 

That's all folks! Have a blessed weekend!

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