Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 DUOS Winner

I was in SM Megamall earlier today to meet the winner of my recently concluded Samsung Galaxy Mega giveaway and for the SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest, more about the latter in my next entry.

 with Ms. Aileen Acot and her baby girl with cute ribbon

Congratulations are in order to Ms. Aileen Acot for winning a Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 DUOS (Dual SIM) worth PhP 18,990! Her entry is one that I can relate to. I like the simple composition too. You can read more about it after the break...

My world basically revolves around inside a four walled room, I can be myself and do what I really love doing the most... Crafting! I AM A CRAFTER - inside this room, I am the artist of my own world, I can do whatever I want and can be as productive as can be.. I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR - I work and earn a part-time job by accepting Layout jobs for wedding/bday albums, I scrap, I sew baby hairbows and sell them online, I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER - it is also in this room where I do the photoshoot both of my items for sale and my baby's milestones :) isn't that great? I AM A WOMAN - I am no superwoman, once in a while I treat myselft with a cheat day where I can sit back and relax, yep! in this very same room :) but most of all I AM A MOTHER - I love how I can play and spend quantity and quality time with my daughter... I can breastfed her anytime and am made available whenever she demands for me... and the most fulfilling part of all these... is that I can do all these things at the same time that I can witness how my baby is growing real fast everyday! and because I don't wanna miss a thing.. I love capturing and documenting every details, I would love to bring home a Samsung #GalaxyMega from #xoxoMrsMartinez

Hilkiah Cuteness Hairbows from my winner

Well, what do you know! She gave me not just one set but five sets of her beautifully hand-crafted ribbons just like what her baby was wearing today! 

By the way, Hilkiah (hil-kee-yaw) is also her daughter's name which in Hebrew means God is my Portion. You can order Hilkiah hairbows here

Thanks for the gift, Aileen! I hope you will enjoy using Samsung Galaxy Mega as much as I do!
hil-kee-yawis also her baby girl's name which in Hebrew means God is my Portion. You can order these cute hairbows here.

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