Wel-B Freeze Dried Strawberry from Thailand

Yesterday, I was back in Robinsons Magnolia once again. We had lunch in Savory Classic courtesy of the charge slips from Banco De Oro (BDO). Aside from chicken, you can see the food that we ordered on my Instagram account. Follow me @xoxoMrsMartinez.

 Wel-B Freeze Dried Strawberry PhP 60 (Buy 1 Take 1)

While buying some bread at Muffins by Doris, I saw this cute pink package above from another stall, Frutti and Nutti, selling tea mints and other stuff. I got intrigued because it is strawberry (my fav!) and it is freeze dried. I could not contain myself so I asked for its price. What do you know?! It's on sale (Buy 1 Take 1)!

Well, I think the pricing is just a marketing strategy, who would buy a small pack for PhP 60 each, right? It is pretty expensive. Read more after the break...

 Buy 1 Take 1 on Wel-B Freeze-Dried Strawberry for a blissful life! 15 g.

A small pack contains less than 20 pieces of freeze-dried strawberries. I was able to finish the entire pack in less than 5 minutes or immediately right after taking all the photos you see on this entry lol

Wel-B Freeze Dried Strawberry from Thailand

Wel-B Freeze Dried Strawberry from Thailand is made from 100% strawberry, no other ingredients were listed on the package. It is crispy and delicious healthy snack. A pack contains 60kcal and is very rich in Vitamin C. It can eaten alone or with milk, tea or even ice cream!
Have you seen and tried this brand? What can you say about its other variants? Let me know becasue I am planning to buy some more!

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