Vintage Citizen Automatic 17 Jewels

A few weeks ago, my dad gave me a vintage Citizen Automatic watch owned previously by my grandfather. I was so happy because I like wearing vintage pieces like the Ray-Ban USA B&L I found in my parent's dining table, yes, of all places lol It feels like I am wearing something with historic value.

 Citizen Automatic 17 Jewels (price unknown)

  • Model: 62-8751
  • Water Resistant
  • Stainless Steel
  • Automatic

Except for a chip on one corner of the glass casing, everything else is fine. I took it with me to the nearest SM watch repair shop and have the straps adjusted to my size. I paid PhP 50 for the adjustment.

To see the watch more closely, read more after the break....

crown of Citizen with embossed QTZ
Citizen back plate markings

  • Citizen (manufacturer)
  • Water Resistant (if applicable)*
  • Stainless Steel (case material)
  • 6000 (movement name/number)
  • 4-600711 TA (case number)
  • Automatic
  • 30503417 (8 digit serial number/production date)**
  • 62-8751 (model number)

*Watches produced before 1970 were marked Parawater or sometimes Waterproof. After that, watches are marked as Water Resistant.

**First three numbers (305) shows the year and month of production: 3 year = 1973 ; 05 month = May 

The last digits indicate the production number for that month- 3417th watch produced on May 1973. 

Citizen logo on strap

This vintage Citizen watch started its production in 1971. It is Automatic with 21,600 beats per hour. For 6000 movement number there's 17 and 21 Jewels available. The one I got was 17 Jewels. 

Width: 23.30mm 
Thickness: 5.00mmm

Original price: JPY 14,500

SOURCE: Sweep-Hand

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