Magnolia Ice Cream House in Robinsons Magnolia

August 20, 2013

Magnolia Ice Cream House
UG Robinsons Magnolia

It was raining so hard the other day because of Tropical Storm Maring (habagat) but that did not stop us from visiting the nearest ice cream place, Magnolia Flavor House. Surprisingly, several tables were already occupied when we arrived at around 3 in the afternoon. By the time we got our bill, the restaurant was already in full swing.

 Peach Melba PhP 230

Of course, we had to order an ice cream. My dad loves peaches so we ordered Peach Melba. We picked Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango ice cream flavors to go with our order. It has Caramel syrup, some nuts, whipped cream and a piece of Cherry on top ; ) This dessert is simply sinful! Good thing, I shared it with three other people lol

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Nachos Overload PhP 185

Aside from 2 orders of Potato Wedges (not picture worthy so I didn't bother taking its photo), we ordered Nachos Overload. This order has plenty of cheese, alright, but not much ground beef ; ( ... pity! It's good to note that the nachos were crunchy!

Potato Wedges are priced at PhP 125/order.

Cream Cheese PhP 175

An order of Cream Cheese Kachang is actually smaller than it looks. Because it was my SIL's order, I was not able to taste if it's worth its PhP 175 price tag.

Iced Mocha PhP 135

This Iced Mocha proved to be too much for me, I had an acid attack that night even though I only drank half a glass of it. 

Cappuccino PhP 95

Cappuccino was for my mom. I ordered one Choco Sundae (PhP 75) for yaya which came out late ; (

Magnolia Flavor House honors Senior Citizen Card. No service charge was included in our bill. On a side note, the photos in this entry and the previous entry were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Mega.

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