Birthday Brunch at Stacy's in Capitol Green St., Capitol Hills

September 22, 2013

Capitol Green Street,
Capitol Golf Club
Capitol Hills, Old Balara, Quezon City
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I told you awhile back that I wanted to try out Stacy's, right? When my brother was looking for a restaurant for his birthday celebration, I suggested it ; ) The restaurant does not accept reservations on weekend. We woke up early so we could be there in time for brunch.

 Martha's Pot Roast PhP 285

Like Rustic Mornings, Stacy's has a shabby chic interior. I guess that's the in thing nowadays. There's a special area for kids complete with table and chairs near the entrance on the left where they can play with other kids. My daughter had a fun time in that area. 

My mom ordered what was recommended to her by the waitress, Martha's Pot Roast. It tasted like mechado, it was tender and good. I think this is the only dish I can recommend in this restaurant ; p

Everything looks cute in this restaurant, from the plating to the free popcorn served on your table while waiting for your food. You may want to check it out after the break....

 free popcorn, pretzels and marshmallows served on a pink mug

Pretzels were good. I kinda hope that they would sell it in the future.

 Stacy Jones PhP 215

Stacy Jones' tapa was malitid and, well, kinda hard to chew. I ordered another plate, same consistency. The egg on the side was good though.

 Raspberry Blush Iced Tea PhP 68

You guessed it right, this drink was mine hehehe I already had a cup of milk with cereals at home so I can have iced tea in the morning ; p

 Cream of Wild Mushroom PhP 115

We ordered 2 bowls of Cream of Wild Mushroom, one for my brother and one for me. I really do love mushrooms. This is better than the pumpkin soup I ordered for my baby. 

 Hawaii 5-0 PhP 195

My sister likes ham and she was delighted to see ham on the menu so she ordered one. I bet the ham used was not from Excellente; p They must have a hard time slicing the ham because the slices were thick and it was not tender.

  Cafe Latte PhP 90

Cute cookie on the side with every order of a cup of coffee.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Bacon PhP 115

I was literally expecting a "creamy" pumpkin soup but this was all I got. It does not taste bad, it was just alright.
 Big Breakfast Bangers PhP 185

Dad was disappointed with his Big Breakfast Bangers, the ham was hard to chew and the patty was bland.

Cappuccino PhP 85

With Enjoy card, you can have a free cup of coffee with every order of an entree. 

 Bluebell's Beef Casserole PhP 265

DH was not satisfied with his order of beef casserole either. "Puro buto" was his exact words. We paid extra PhP 45 for the mashed potato. Additional garlic bread for PhP 18.

 Monkey Toasts PhP 165

Oh, we like Monkey Toasts- toasted bread with slices of bananas with jams sandwiched in between. Peanut butter was also served on the side with chocolate chips on top ; p Sugar overload hahaha

DH and I

This brunch family get-together is so much fun. We get to try a lot of different restaurants and best of all, we also get to spend family time.

Till my next post!

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