Craft Coffee Revolution in Broadway Ave. Quezon City

September 4, 2013

Craft Coffee Revolution
66 Broadway Ave. cor E. Rodriguez Ave.,
Quezon City

I just got back from a quick coffee break with my parents in a fairly new coffee headquarter called Craft Coffee Revolution. It is located along Broadway Ave. in between BPI Family Savings Bank and Le Creperie "Boheme" <--- This one will be next on my agenda!

 Cappuccino PhP 120

The first time I went there was on a weekend and we could not find a single vacant seat even on the second floor. I am glad we went back today to check it out, we were the only customers ; p 

Lighting was dimly lit. I forgot to bring my camera so the photos were all taken by Samsung Galaxy Mega.

I could not guess what drawing was on top of cappuccino. Can you?

Anyway, my order was lame. To find out, read after the break....

Craft Coffee Revolution menu

The price of Craft's coffee varies from PhP 90 to PhP 180. An order of Ristretto/Double Ristretto* would set you back at PhP 90 while a cup of Red-Eye, a double Ristretto shot + drip coffee costs PhP 180. Most drinks are priced at PhP 120. 

There's another menu (not in the photo) for sweet treats. We were not able to order because I think the waffles were not available. 

*22.5ml restricted espresso shot/45ml restricted espresso shot

Iced Chocolate PhP 120

Craft Coffee Revolution uses tablea* chocolate. It was not rich as I have expected of cacao. The taste was not as strong as I have imagined. It was not chocolate-y.

*Tableas (Tableyas) are pure cacao beans that are dried, roasted, ground and then formed into tablets traditionally used in the Philippines to make hot chocolate.

I don't know if we were just not that adventurous when it comes to ordering our drinks, that or we might just ordered the wrong ones because we find nothing special about it. If you have already tried Craft, let me know what you ordered so I can order and try it on my next visit.

Anyway, we went to McDonald's right after. It is located across Craft. We ordered burgers, fries and sundae ; p We went home with happy tummies!

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