Review: Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

I can't believe I didn't immediately use this Dry Oil Body Moisturizer from Pevonia when I received it as part of my birthday gift last May. You see, I stopped applying any moisturizing lotion and/or body oil on my body because #babyMartinez likes to blow bubbles on my belly or sometimes even on my thigh. I am scared that she might swallow toxic ingredients that can be found on some products.

Pevonia Dry Oil Moisturizer 200 ml (6.8 fl. oz.) PhP 3120

Anyway, that all changed when I ended up with extremely dry skin. I went to my dermatologist for consultation. She said that I should apply a moisturizer especially at night so my skin will have time to recuperate and rehydrate. She said the small red bumps that I can see on my legs were direct result of too much scrubbing. Just imagine chicken skin on the armpits but mine is found on the lower portion of my legs. She forbade me to have body scrub treatment until my skin condition improves... boo hoo! No spa treatments for me ; (

The good news is, I can still bring the luxurious feel of a spa treatment at home with this bottle of Pevonia Dry Oil Moisturizer. Read more after the break...

spray of Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

The photo above was just one spritz of the dry oil moisturizer. I spray it on my entire body (my legs included) right after taking a bath at night when we are about to sleep. It spreads easily and unlike other oils, this one does not feel sticky at all. Lavender Oil is listed as one of its ingredient, I guarantee you that it smells so good! Other ingredients are Aloe and Chamomile.

Tip: I always put on socks right after application to lock in the moisture.

My legs is slowly getting back to its normal state. It needs time to heal. In the mean time, no body scrub for me ; ( 

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