Gaucho Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos in Robinsons Magnolia

September 17, 2013

Gaucho Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos
3rd Floor Al Fresco Terrace
Quezon City

This entry can't wait until tomorrow because I am so excited to share with you my latest restaurant discovery in Robinsons Magnolia- Gaucho Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos. I had lunch there today with my good friend from Pevonia Botanica Philippines and we were both very happy with the food and of course, the service.

 Mushrooms/ Setas Salpicao PhP 290

King Oyster Mushrooms sauteed with Garlic Herb Butter 

I love mushrooms! Who doesn't? It looks really good in the photo but I find it a bit salty though.

Setas Salpicao is just my patikim, there's more after the break...

 Fugazetta Spinach & Italian Prosciutto PhP 490

Argentinian thin crust pizza made with Chickpea Flour  Provolone

Be sure to eat this pizza as soon as it is served on your table, there's crunch in every bite! Each order has 8 slices with generous servings of spinach and prociutto.

You can also try Sweet Onion and Oregano (PhP 360) and Chorizo, Anchovies, Tomatoes and Olives (PhP470).

 Ensalada de Remolacha y Ricotta PhP 280

Pickled Beets, Ricotta Cheese, Arugula and Italian Vinaigrette

My only problem with this dish is the soggy Ricotta Cheese, I almost can't taste it.

 Bife de Ancho US Beef Ribeye 250g PhP 990

We ordered one US Beef Ribeye each ; p It was very tender, juicy and tasty even though it was cooked well-done. I am salivating once more as I type this entry lol This steak is worth every peso!

Also available in Bife de Ancho con Hueso 600g (PhP 2,900) and Tomahawk 1500g (PhP 5,200).

 side dishes

There are two steak sauces served together with the steak- Chimichurri Sauce and Classic Bearnaise. I prefer to eat the steak without the sauces though.

Chimichurri Sauce- olive oil, oregano, parsley and white vinegar
Classic Bearnaise- egg yolk and wine

 Gaucho interior

I like the drop down ceiling light ; ) Oh, by the way, there's Tango Night every Tuesday with a minimum PhP 150 cover charge. You can dance till 2 am, that's one event I would like to see ; p

 there are three of these animal head wall decor hanging around the restaurant

I was told that these animal head wall decor came from Argentina. Looks creepy, we didn't noticed that it was lurking at us until we were done with our meal ; p

 with Elaine, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator of Pevonia Botanica Philippines

thanks Elaine for the handwritten note and of course, the chocolate!

I had a nice time catching up with you, Elaine! Till our next meet up ; )

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