KPub BBQ Meat All You Can at The Fort Entertainment Complex

KPub BBQ Meat All You Can
28th St cor. 5th Ave.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
8471961   8473098

I love Korean BBQ! I found one in The Fort Entertainment Complex Center called KPub BBQ Meat All You Can. As the name suggests, it's an Eat All You Can restaurant. The catch? There's a time limit of one hour and it's called Eat And Run Beat The Clock (PhP 499+). But if you want to enjoy Korean BBQ like I do (BEEF lover, that's me!), then opt for option number 2- No Limits. It has no time limit, plus, you can enjoy additional 5 Premium Beef over Bibimbap Rice, Cold Noodles, Barley Tea and Shike for only PhP 899 +!

KPub's Bibimbap Rice with Steamed Egg in the background

KPub Meat All You Can Eat And Run Beat The Clock for PhP 499 includes 7 choices of meat:

  • Ssam Gyup Sal (Pork Belly)
  • Dae Pau Ssam Gyupsal (Thinly Sliced Pork Belly)
  • Yangnyum Ssam Gyupsal (Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly)
  • Daeji Kalbi (Tender Pork Marinated in Soy and Garlic)
  • Dak Bulgogi (Marinated Chicken Fillet)
  • Dak Kalbi (Sweet and Spicy Chicken Filet)
  • Chadolbaki (Beef Sukiyaki)

It also includes refillable Banchan (assorted side dishes), Ke Ran Ggim (steamed eggs), Kimchi Pajeon (pancakes), Mixed Salad Greens with House Dressing, choice of Kimchi Fried Rice or Steamed Rice, Soup of the Day and Shike (sweet healthy rice drink).

To know what's included in No Limits PhP 899+, read more after the break....

For No Limits, you get everything from the Eat And Run menu plus Special BBQ like the following:

  • KPub Beef Kalbi (Marinated Short RIbs)
  • Kalbi Sal (Rib Finger)
  • Beef Bulgogi (Beef in Soy and Garlic)
  • L.A. Kalbi (Cross Cut Short Ribs)
  • Red Wine Ssam Gyup Sal (Pork Belly Marinated in Red Wine)

I guess this is soup of the day ; p

 top: Cabbage Kimchi, Mashed Potato with Egg and Onions with Chili
bottom: Anchovies, Cucumber Kimchi and Tofu Kimchi
Mixed Salad Greens with House Dressing

KPub Beef Galbi

Beef Sukiyaki
Top to bottom: Pork Belly, Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly and Spicy Chicken Fillet
KPub sauce with soybean paste 
yummy Korean BBQ
ready to eat
Kimchi Pajeon (Kimchi pancakes)

Shike (sweet healthy rice drink)

If you think about it, KPub BBQ is quite expensive than your regular Korean BBQ restaurant offering the same buffet spread. But it's all in the location, if you want to see and be seen this is the place to be. Oh, before I forget, KPub has live performances by Korean Pop idols too. What more can you ask for?!

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