Las Flores in Bonifacio Global City

September 3, 2013

Las Flores
G/F One McKinley Place
25th St., Bonifacio Global City

I was in Las Flores earlier today for Rappler Do More Awards powered by Rexona (more on that in my next entry). Since it is a fairly new restaurant, I want to share with you what was served to us so you will more or less have an idea on what to order when you decide to visit.

 Angus Foie Mini Burgers with Parmesan Cheese

This is tender Angus meat grilled to perfection with Parmesan cheese on top. For some reason, I didn't find it on the menu. It must be made just for the occasion. I was lucky enough to have tasted it... juicy!

More on the food after the break....

 Russian Salad with aioli  PhP 195

There were several dishes served to us and one of them was Russian Salad. It has olives, slices of egg and aioli dressing on top.

 Las Flores Salad PhP 325

Spot the shoestring potatoes on top! Las Flores Salad has lots of fresh green veggies with some slices of tomatoes and caramelized apples.

 Tomato Bread 

I didn't know that tomato can be spread on top of a bread ; p It tasted good ; )

 Fresh Marinated Mussels with Escabeche SPicy Sauce & Jerez Vinegar

I didn't touch this dish because this was served early on and I don't want to end up with an upset stomach.

 Marinated Tuna in White Wine with Escabeche Sauce PhP 395

Now this one is more to my liking! Tuna was fresh and no lansa factor so I give this a thumbs up!

 Salmon with Ricota Cheese, Truffle Oil and Caviar 

  a closer look of Salmon with Ricota Cheese, Truffle Oil and Caviar 

This is so appetizing, I wanted to have more than one but I have to make room for the other dishes on the menu like the one on the next photo. 

 Spicy Garlic Fried Shrimps in Olive Oil

The chef was not kidding when he wrote the word "spicy" on the menu ; p But I love the juicy and succulent shrimps, I think I had more than five pieces ; p The garlic is delicious too!

 Zucchini Carpaccio

 Seafood Paella PhP 495

I love the baked cheese on top of the seafood paella.

 Minis Sandwiches Ham 

 Botifarra Catalana PhP 450

These are slices of Catalan sausage with Shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions and baked potatoes. It's a must order!

 Homemade Croquetas Stuffed with Spanish Chorizo PhP 195

Now on to the desserts...

 Crema Catalana with Pineapple PhP 195

 Chocolate ganache with Extra Virgin Olive Olive, Salt and Bread PhP 195

Chocolate ganache is chocolate-y and salty at the same time.

 Cheese Cake with Orange PhP 195

It looks and tastes like a pancake ; p

 Fresh Fruit salad with Orange Juice 

I can taste some wine in it.

 Brewed Coffee and Fresh Milk

House Blend Iced Tea and Fresh Watermelon Shake (seeds included ; p)

Ok, there you go! I hope you enjoyed the food I featured here. Nagutom kayo, noh? Aminin ; p

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