Villa Del Conte in Robinsons Magnolia

Villa del Conte Cioccolato Sublime
Ground Floor (near Beauty Bar)
Robinsons Magnolia

Let me start this entry by saying that I am not fond of chocolates, I am more of a ROSE type of girl lol Anyway, when I met my friend last time in Robinsons Magnolia, she handed me a bag filled with chocolates from Villa Del Conte. I have seen this brand in Shangri-La, Trinoma and yes, even in Robinsons Magnolia but I have not tried it until yesterday while these taking photos.

 Villa Del Conte (piccolo)

The colors reminded me of the luxurious brand, Hermes. If that's one indication, I'll take that this is one fine chocolate. I am all for luxury, baby! Did you know that Villa del Conte is owned by a Filipino couple? Read the story here.

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 a handwritten note makes me feel SO special

 I got 8 pieces of chocolates in one box

There are three sizes to choose from piccolo 100g, medio 250g and grande 500g. 

 color coded praline balls and stick

While taking these photos, I ate the green praline stick. It easily melts in my mouth and I was not able to really appreciate its richness ; p

Over dinner last night, my SIL, DH and I tried 3 praline balls in silver, gold and rust. These chocolates are not sweet so I really like them. It melts in your mouth, I think I already said that hahaha I like the ones with cereals because of the texture I feel when its inside my mouth.

Gold- Praline balls in milk chocolate with caramel cream filling
Silver- Praline balls in dark chocolate with hazelut cream filling and cereals
Rust- Praline balls in milk chocolate with hazelnut cream filling and cereals

*Praline- confections made of nuts and sugar syrup

what's inside?

I think to be able to really taste the filling inside, you should at least let the chocolate stay at room temperature before eating. I will try that with the rest of the chocolates and keep yo updated.

I am still not fond of chocolates but these will do if I feel I have a sudden urge to grab one because it's individually packed. There will be no surprises because it's color coded, you know what you are getting even before you start to open your pralines.

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