Portrait of #babyMartinez

Just a quick post before I eat my breakfast...

Yesterday, I posted this sketch of my daughter on Instagram. If you have not seen it, maybe you are not following me (xoxoMrsMartinez) so what are you waiting for? ; p

sketch of #babyMartinez

This sketch was done by my talented niece. She loves drawing anime. I told her in jest to draw a portrait of my daughter. I want to use her drawing sana as part of the invitation design but school work took a toll on her.

Anyway, she posted the sketch above earlier this week on facebook, I can't wait to finally get the original copy this Sunday. I have never been this excited, I want to frame it and put it on display ; )

To see another piece of her sketch, read after the break...

sketch of #xoxoMrsMartinez

Are you a fan of xoxoMrsMartinez on Facebook? Then you have probably seen the sketch above, yes, that's her work too!

Be the next Dove girl

She copied it from my Dove portrait session by Pilar Tuason. Read the rest of the story here.

makeup by Pong Niu of Mac Cosmetics
photography by Pilar Tuason

That's it for now! My stomach is growling na ; p Have a great weekend!

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