Birthday Celebration at Chako Barbecue Sushi Izakaya in McNicoll

Chako Barbecue Sushi Izakaya

2190 McNicoll Ave.,
Unit 112-113,
Scarborough, ON
416 298 9978

Every five years DH celebrates his birthday here in Toronto ; p Soshal ang lolo niyo hahaha Pagbigyan na... every five years lang naman eh lol

This year, we had lunch in Chako Barbecue Sushi Izakaya. It's an All-You-Can-Eat buffet, the concept is like that of KPub BBQ at The Fort Entertainment Complex. First, choose from the list on the menu, once the raw meat was served on your table, you can start cooking on your table top stove.

barbecue grill 

Here's the buffet rate per person:

Lunch 11:30am to 3:30pm

  • Sat/Sun/Holidays- $12.99
  • Mon to Fri- $11.99

Dinner 4:00pm to 10:00pm (10:30pm weekends)

  • Sat/Sun/Holidays- $20.99
  • Mon to Fri- $18.99

Late night 10:00pm to 12am (10:30pm weekends)
  • Sat/Sun/Holidays- $13.99
  • Mon to Fri- $12.99

We paid more than $70 for four pax and one toddler. I am not sure if the restaurant billed us correctly. I could not double check because the restaurant didn't issue any receipt. DH didn't bother to check on the number of persons listed on the bill and just paid. Sabi sa inyo bongga siya eh!

We were there during lunch on a Saturday. I am not so sure if the bill included the mandatory 10% service charge, if so, we tipped twice ; p And of course, plus the tax.

To know what's included in Chako's all-you-can eat bbq, read more after the break...

unlimited appetizer includes kimchi, radish, tofu and beansprouts
We had several refills of radish and kimchi. These two were good.

unlimited meat (clockwise from left)- kalbi, thinly sliced pork, chicken, fish, marinated beef and kalbi
We told the waiter to serve us everything that was included on the buffet menu and he did. He served us two orders of each. The content was plenty per tray. Tray number two is under tray number one.

squid too!

We only like the marinated beef and kalbi, the others were nothing special. I have tasted better Korean barbecue restaurants in Manila.

mango and green tea ice cream for dessert
Making an appearance once again is the green tea ice cream. It seems to me that it is a staple dessert in any Korean/Japanese restaurants here in Canada. I am not complaining ha I love it pa nga eh...yummy!

At di pa dyan nagtatapos and birthday celebration. DH also celebrated his birthday with his long time friends here in Canada. That will be up next!

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