Car Seat Review: Safety First Alpha Omega Elite 65 (22186C-PRO)

I can't believe our vacation will soon be over ; ( I am sad but at the same I am happy because I can finally have a relaxing massage when I go back in Manila. My body is aching from shopping hahaha

Speaking of shopping, we bought a new car seat for #babyMartinez and its from Safety First. Presenting the Alpha Omega Elite 65 (22186CPRO)...

Alpha Omega Elite 65 (22186CPRO) $220
The Alpha Omega Elite 65 is a 3-in-1 car seat. For infants, it can be a rear-facing car seat. It can also be converted into forward-facing car seat for toddlers like #babyMartinez and finally, it turns into a belt-positioning booster.To check out the other features of the car seat, read more after the break...

Alpha Omega Elite
EPP Protect- durable, high density, energy absorbing foam
It also has comfort covers on its harness.

Fitting Chart
  • Rear Facing 5-40lbs; 19-36" Height
  • Forward Facing 22-65lbs; 29-52" Height
  • Height Belt Positioning Booster 40-100lbs; 40-52" Height

Warning! Infants must be rear-facing until they are 1 year of age, weigh 10kg, and are able to walk unassisted. This child restraint must be used fully reclined in a rear-facing position, making sure to rotate the child restraint to the correct recline angle tht matches the weight of your chil. Do not use any other recline position.

5-Point Protect provides secure fit
tether stabilizer for superior forward impact performance
When re-lacing harness, straps must go OVER the adjustment bar
#babyMartinez is in the picture!!!
Date of Manufacture-2013-08-19
#babyMartinez is getting used to the car seat system. She plops down voluntarily when positioned into the seat. She drinks her milk and most of time, sleeps in the car seat when we travel long distance.

The full recline position functions only when using the car seat in rear-facing position therefore I can't recline the car seat when #babyMartinez is sleeping. That's where my problem comes in---> her head falls to one side when she's sleeping. I think I need to buy a cushion or a pillow to support her neck.

I hope we can use this car seat until #babyMartinez is of school age para sulit naman the amount of dollars we spent on it ; p Are you using a car or a booster seat for your kids? What brand do you use? Kindly share.

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