Food Trip: Jang Ga Nae Restaurant in Pasig City

September 29, 2013

Jnag Ga Nae Restaurant
837 Plaza Escriva Drive
San Antonio Village, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

Last Sunday, my family and I dined in Jang Ga Nae. The Korean restaurant was recommended by my sister but sadly, she was not able to join us so it was just my brother, my parents and I.

 Chadol PhP 450

We ordered Chadol, L.A. Galbi and Hemul Pajun. The waitress told us that each order is only good for one person. Good thing, we didn't believe her. The serving was generous plus there were at least 8 appetizers or banchan, well, nine if you include the kimchi soup. We ordered just right.

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 this restaurant uses charcoal

Be prepared to smell like a barbecue after you finish your meal ; p

 Chadol - thinly sliced beef brisket

Chadol cooks easily. You ca either call the waitress to cook it for you or if you are adventurous like us, you can cook on your own. 

 cooked meat

 lettuce to wrap the meat

L.A. Galbi PhP 550

L.A Galbi is tastier because it was marinated meat but it was not tender. It gave me a hard time chewing.

 Hemul Pajun PhP 350

We love all 8 slices of Hemul Pajun. This pizza like Korean dish is filled with seafood like shrimps and squids. 

Below are the complimentary banchan served to us...


 sweetened peanuts



 Kimchi pancake

 radish kimchi

 cucumber kimchi


Banchan palang busog na kami lol Complimentary na nga may refil pa ; p Kidding aside, it was a good meal especially because I shared it with my family.

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