#babyMartinez OOTD: Fall

I only brought along a week's worth of outfit for #babyMartinez for this trip. Ok, nine to be exact ; p The reason behind this is that there are already many outfits waiting for her here in Toronto. You see, my SIL who lives here bought a lot as soon as she knew we were coming over.

The following outfits were the ones I brought over...


This set includes a t-shirt with cute design and a matching pair of stretchable pants.  It was my good friend who gave this to #babyMartinez.

To fid more matchy matchy outfits, read after the break...


Chickeeduck is a product from Hong Kong. I find the checkered design irresistible.

 Disney Baby

How can you go wrong with a pink outfit, right?

 Bamboo Baby

I forgot who gave this to #babyMartinez ; p I brought this as well because I knew the weather now in Toronto is erratic.

 Green Sproutlets

Some time ago, I received a set of Green Sproutlets from a friend. I love the texture of cloth, it is made from bamboo so I brought the entire collection. Yes, including the onesies that you saw in my post entitled Goodbye Manila, Hello Toronto!

Leggings and shirt coordinates....

Zara t-shirt

I also brought along several jackets, it gets cold here at night. I will post some more outfits when I have time. 

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