Kate Spade 5mm Hinge Lock Punch Spade Bangle in Cream/Gold

Awhile back, I wrote about Love Notes Bow Bangle, it is one of the two Kate Spade bangles that I bought during my recent trip to Toronto. Today, I am featuring the other bangle called 5mm Spade Logo Hinge Bangle in White/Gold color combination.

Kate Spade New York Bangles:  5mm Hinge Lock Punch Spade Bangle in Cream/Gold and Love Notes Bow $58 38 less 50% less 10% + 13% tax

I was contemplating on getting the thicker one in black rather than this 5mm but my wrist is tiny so I guess this 5mm hinge bracelet suits better, don't you agree? Read more after the break...

a closer look at the Spade logo

The Spade logo is very dainty. You can't really see the logo unless you take a closer look at the bangle. I find the design very minimalist and I like it. I like my bags in bold colors/designs though, I am ironic like that.


magnetic lock

Kate Spade with tag

I still have not worn it. But don't worry, I will definitely post a photo on Instagram once I have tried it on ; )

Got to go!

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