Coughing Like Crazy... Not Anymore!

I was coughing like crazy since I got back from Canada. I could not take it anymore so I drove to Mercury Drug along Ortigas Ave. and bought the following (except for the bottle of Ester-C)....

(Clockwise from l-r): Strepsils Honey & Lemon PhP 45@, Valda Pastilles Lemon PhP 122.50, Solmux Forte 500 PhP 122.75 and Ester-C

I bought hoarded several bottles of Ester-C from Costco (Canada). It is the only Vitamin C that my stomach can tolerate. I usually take one tablet three times a day after every meal specially if I know that I am not feeling well.

As  have told you, I was at my worse the other day and I know desperate times need desperate measures---> I have to take cough syrup + other supplements.

I don't want #babyMartinez to caught whatever virus/bacteria I have ; p Read more after the break...

Solmux Forte 500mg/5ml Adult Suspension (Carbocisteine) Sugar free PhP 122.75

I bought 2 bottles of Solmux Forte 500, just in case one bottle is not enough lol My DH swears by it. He takes it whenever he feels that he has caught the bug. He even brought two bottles with him during our recent trip to Canada.

You have to shake the bottle before taking it. The color should be pinkish rather than reddish when you mix the thick suspension together. It smells and tastes like strawberry. It uses Sorbitol as sweetener.

I took one teaspoonful every 8 hours and after 24 hours, I was feeling a bit better. In fact, I was able to go out yesterday to attend an event ; )

Valda Pastilles Lemon PhP 122.50

I prefer Valda Pastilles in Lemon over the Menthol variant. At least with this, it doesn't taste like medicine ; p

I did not get the chance to open Strepsils because I was already feeling ok yesterday. What about you? What medicines do you take when you have cough?

In my next entry, I will share what I gave #babyMartinez when she suffered from allergy while we were in Canada.

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