Toronto Food Trip: Harvey's and Pho 88

Pho 88
325 Bamburgh Circle
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

The morning after our arrival in Toronto, we had our lunch at Harvey's, Home of Canada's Besting Burger. #babyMartinez was not able to eat much so she relies on milk for her daily nutrition. The thing is, I only brought along two cans of milk with me. The first can was already empty in a matter of days... waaaaaah!


You have never been to Canada unless you have tasted Poutine. It's basically french fries top with brown gravy and cheese curds. It's available wherever I go ; p 

Harvey's version has skin on fries topped with 100% Real Canadian White Cheddar Cheese and its own version of gravy. Read more after the break....

 Cheeseburger Jr. set meal

After ordering, my SIL called me to choose my burger toppings- tomato, lettuce and ketchup. This came in the size of our regular burger. A set meal includes a poutine and a regular drink. The iced tea was bland... eeeeeew!

 iced tea, cheeseburger jr. and 2 poutines

Later that night, we went to Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant for dinner. Here'swhat DH and I ordered....

beef noodles soup

 noodle topping

Beef Noodle Soup is DH's order.

Grilled Pork chop rice $7

My order is so yummy! Don't judge me if you think that I ordered this instead of a beef noodle soup because I am not fond of noodles in general ; p I should be the one judging you because you are not paying attention lol

Anyway, it's now almost 7 in the morning, I have to go back to bed and get some shut-eye before everybody wakes up for breakfast. I have been awake since 3am... gaaaaah!

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