#babyMartinez Fashion: Pitter-Pat in White

#babyMartinez attended her first wedding party yesterday... yey! It was the wedding of my cousin to her long-time boyfriend. When I received the invitation, I already planned the outfit of my little princess. The only problem is what shoes to wear with the outfit.

Pitter-Pat shoes

Anyway, I went to the nearest SM Department store and found this white pair from Pitter-Pat. Read more after the break...

Pitter-Pat (PB-1306228) PhP 699

I bought a size 22 so she could use this pair a little longer hihi Seriously, sayang eh, this pair is expensive. It should be maximized to its full use. I was shocked to see baby shoes priced as high as PhP 2,000.

toe cap

velcro strap

rubber sole

#babyMartinez in Pitter-Pat

#babyMartinez was running around the ballroom, she also played hide-and-seek with her gwama and gwakong wearing her comfy, new shoes. She is such a cute and adorable baby. OMG! I am sounding like a stage mom lol Pagbigyan na!

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