Muconase for #babyMartinez; Spa In A Bottle for MrsMartinez

Before my family and I left for Toronto, #babyMartinez's pediatrician gave a lot of Physician's Sample medicines. Muconase (Sodium Chloride) is one of them. My baby hardly had any bouts with sickness (Thank God! Wag sana mausog). But just in case, I brought every medicine available for our trip, very OC lang ang peg ko. Buti nalang!

Muconase Sodium Chloride0.65% Saline Solution for Nasal Spray 30ml

After visiting Applewood Farm Winery, #babyMartinez showed signs that she was not feeling well like watery eyes and runny nose. She even vomited on me during dinner at Fushimi.

I am thankful that the allergy attack lasted only for a day, I think Muconase plus my TLC did the job!

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how I handled Muconase

remove the safety lock before use

bottle cap and lock

While seated, I spray this nasal decongestant directly to her nostrils. The dosage is 2-4 sprays in each nostrils 3 times a day or as necessary. I only spray it once because she gets irritated when I do it.

Echostore Body Basics Spa In A Bottle
My friend gave me a set of Body Basics by Echostore as a gift for my birthday. I brought Spa In A Bottle with me to Canada because I was not feeling good. It helped me breathe easily ever time I sprayed and rubbed it on the palm of my hands and cupped my hands on my nose. I also rubbed it on my nape and back when my body was aching from carrying my baby.

Thank got we got by with these two bottles. I don't know what will happen if I didn't bring it with me during our trip.

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