Gas Up At Caltex And Get Free Jollibee Treats

In case you are out of the loop, Caltex and Jollibee are having a joint instant promo. Gas up at participating Caltex and you instantly get a Jollibee reward upon reaching the fuel purchase requirement.

Caltex and Jollibee instant promo

I redeemed my coupons at Jollibee last weekend. It was like any other transaction except I get my meal for free, drinks not included. To know more about the ongoing promo, read more after the break...

Fuel Purchase requirements:

  • Caltex PhP 500 - Vanilla Twirl from Jollibee
  • Caltext PhP 1000- Yumburger
  • PhP 1500- 1 pc Burgersteak with Rice

Caltex PhP 2000- 1 piece Chickenjoy with Rice

Caltex PhP2500- 1 piece Chickenjoy with Rice and Sundae (choco fudge or strawberry)

Promo runs until the end of November. You can gas up (Gold with Techron and Silver with Techron) from 6am to 10pm daily. Valid with cash, credit card and StarCash transactions. Maximum of 3 coupons per customer can be redeemed per Jollibee outlet at any given time.

Jollibee treats can be redeemed until January 31, 2014.

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