Native Union Pop Phone The Retro Handset by David Turpin (Lavender)

I received this colorful handset called Native Union Pop Phone designed by David Turpin from Digits Trading. The handset is designed just like the old phones we used to have in the 80s hence the 'retro' tag. It's pretty cool to look at especially the color I got which is Lavender.

Pop Phone The 'retro' handset designed by David Turpin (lavender) PhP 1200

The box says that it is compatible with all devices most especially with iPhone and iPad. My preferred device is a Samsung unit so that's what I used to test this unit. I connected the two together through the supplied 3.5mm plug. Read more after the break...

Pop Phone The 'retro' handset designed by David Turpin connected to a Samsung unit

Once connected, I saw an earphone icon on top of the phone. I opened my Viber app and tried calling a friend online. My call went through without a hitch. We were able to talk for a good 15 minutes. I can clearly hear her voice without any disruption.

I tried testing the Pick Up/ Hang Up button but it was not working on my Samsung unit. I answered and ended the call through my device instead. Other than that everything seems to work out fine.

What I like about the Pop Phone:

  • It turned my phablet into a telephone
  • It eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation
  • It allows access to phone functions when making calls
  • 3.5mm plug allows me to use it on any gadgets available
  • There is no static when making and receiving calls

Before I forget, before throwing the box, please scratch the anti-fake label to reveal a unique hidden serial number for guarantee of authenticity. You must register your product at within 15 days of purchase date on your receipt.

Upon registering your product, you can avail of the following:
  • 12 month product warranty
  • Free Pop Dialer app for iPhone
  • Free adaptor for your mobile device

Native Union Pop Phone is available in all Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker in the following colors- Aquamarine, Lavender, Mint and Jet Black for only PhP 1200.

You can view Native Union Pop Phone Collection here. For mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, computers compatibilities, adaptors are available here. For product specification, read here.

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