Lunch at Woo Galbi Shangrila Plaza East Wing

October 29, 2013

Woo Galbi
6/L East Wing
Shangrila Plaza Mall
EDSA, Mandaluyong

My SIL from Toronto is here for a two-week vacation. Whenever I can, I drive her around the metro, well, mostly shopping malls. In one of those times, I accompanied her to Shangrila Plaza Mall East Wing where there are plenty of food choices.

My first choice was Green Pastures by Chef Robby Goco. The restaurant had a long waiting list and we could not suppress our hunger anymore so we ended up in this fine dining Korean restaurant called Woo Galbi.

Woo Galbi Ssam PhP 379

I could not figure out the waiter's description of Woo Galbi Ssam. What the heck, right?! I ordered it despite being clueless on what it is. It turned out to be an expensive but very filling dish with a twist.

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Woo Galbi Ssam PhP 379

Woo Galbi did a modern take on the Korean way of eating sangchu ssam. An order of Woo Galbi Ssam consists 6 beef barbecue on top of rectangular-shaped rice. Right amount of sauces are found on top.

lettuce, ssamjang, soy and salt& pepper with sesame oil mix

To complete the Woo Galbi Ssam experience, lettuce and three additional sauces were served. Read here to learn how to eat sangchu ssam.

Bibimbap PhP 420

My SIL ordered a bowl full of Bibimbap. Ordering a bibimbap is quite tricky, there were far too many choices. She selected the following- Beef Bulgogi with white rice (red rice not available ; (  ) in hot stone.

The serving was huge, it can be shared by two hungry girls ; )

Haemul Pajeon PhP 225

I didn't see any seafood on my pancake unlike the one we ordered in Jang Ga Nae, Pasig.

Some of the banchan (appetizer) served to us that I like...


Korean white beans

other banchan served were bean sprouts, kimchi and veggies

Our total bill amounted to PhP 1,126.40 inclusive of PhP 102.40 service charge and 12 % VAT. It is pretty expensive for three dishes in a Korean restaurant. You pay more for the ambiance and the attention of the wait staff.

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