Yang's Kitchen Sushi Bar All You Can Eat in Markham Ontario

October 22, 2013

Yang's Kitchen
4261 Highway 7
Markham, Ontario, Canada
905-944 0818

The night before we left Toronto, DH and I had an impromptu date at one of the famous sushi bars in Ontario- Yang's Kitchen. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with a maximum time of 1 1/2 hour.

Red Snapper

There's a menu on each table. Once you know what you want, just call the attention of any of the Mandarin-speaking staff so that he/she can get your order. We ordered a lot on our first call, fearing the next order would be on a slower pace but on the contrary, the order came in just as fast as the first batch.

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Salmon sahimi

white Tuna

Salmon Sashimi, Red Snapper, White Tuna, Surf Clam and Crab Meat Sashimi are only available during dinner.

Sirloin Steak Teriyaki

We ordered at least two Sirloin Steak Teriyaki. We ate it immediately as soon as it was placed on our table. It was juicy and meaty. I love steaks!

Soft Shell Crab Roll

Soft Shell Crab Roll along with Spicy Tuna Roll/Hand Roll, Japanese Seaweed aSalad, Deluxe Sushi Pizza,  Scallop Roll, Salmon Tataki and BBQ Eel Sushi are all part of the dinner menu.

California Roll

BBQ Eel Roll

Saba Sushi


Edamame Bean

Grilled Pin Mackarel

Grilled Salmon Belly

Grilled Squid

Eel Pancake

Hokkaido Scallop

Eel Pancake and Hokkaido Scallop are limited to one serving per table and are available during dinner time only.

Grilled Saba

Beef Tenderloin

I think we ordered only 1/3 of the items on the menu. I was full by the time Edamame Beans came out haha

Other items on the menu are tempura (shrimp, vegetable, onion and squid), salad, miso soup, tofu (cold or deep fried), spring rolls. Under Yang's Grill Table there's eggplant, chicken skewer, chicken wing and sirloin steak skewer. There's different varieties of Ramen (Thin Noodle) in Soup and Udon (Thick Noodle) in Soup. There's also Fried Udon and steamed rice available upon request.

Ginger Milk and Mango Pudding

Aside from sushi, sashimi, makimono and temaki, the buffet price also includes desserts and beverage.

Mango Yogurt and Mango Pudding are only available for dinner while the Ginger Milk is seasonal.

Japanese ice cream

Shown in the photo above is Red Bean Japanese Ice Cream and Deep Fried Banana (available dinner only) in the the background.

All in all, we had a peace and quiet night in a restaurant. No vomit on my blouse that night ; p And came home with a full stomach.

Rates as of October 2013


  • Adult $14.99 CAD 
  • Child (8 years old or below) $9.99

Dinner Monday-Thursday

  • Adult $22.99 
  • Senior $19.99 (65 yrs old or above) 
  • Child (8years old and below) $11.99

Dinner Friday-Sunday & Holiday

  • Adult $24.99 
  • Senior $19.99 (65 yrs old or above) 
  • Child (8years old and below) $14.99

All taxes and 10% service charge will be applied to final bill

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