Sunday Brunch at Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight + Milky Way Greenhills

December 22, 2013

Shanghai Delight by Crystal Jade
Unit 117-121 G/F V-Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City

It has been a while since I wrote about our family's Sunday brunch so I am posting one today. DH was craving for noodles so we headed to Greenhills where Crystal Jade was located. The restaurant has since reinvented itself and is now known as Shanghai Delight.

La Mian Noodle Set PhP 299

La Mian Noodle Set includes pork chop noodle soup and a side dish called pork dumpling with hot chili sauce which turned out to be my favorite. The serving is measly compared to other ramen bars. It's not enough for DH so we had to order other items from the menu.

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pork dumpling with hot chili sauce... my favorite!

Congee with Snow Fungus, Pumpkin & Sweet Corn PhP 208

We ordered a bowl of congee for #babyMartinez. Surprisingly, she liked how it tasted. And since the la mian set was bitin, DH ate the rest of the congee ; p

BBQ Pork Bun 3 pieces PhP 160

Pan -Fried Carrot Cake with Dried Shrimp and Preserved Meat PhP 150

I prefer the traditional radish cake over this one. You can't eat this alone without dipping it in a sauce. It tasted bland to me.

steamed pork dumpling 5 pieces PhP 188

Of course, we ordered steamed pork dumplings. It's yummy!

after our brunch, we went to Toy Kingdom

Look at my busy baby girl! She was checking out this mini kitchen that costs an arm and a leg ; p We spent close to 15 minutes in that area... ayaw umalis lol


dress: Periwinkle

Before we went home, we ate dessert at Milky Way- famous for its halo-halo creation!

Guinomis PhP 125

Milky Way Halo-Halo PhP 125

Guess who ordered what?! If you guessed that I ordered guinomis then you are right hehe I find this order a tad too sweet though so I am sticking with Milky Way's Halo-Halo next time around.

We went home with happy tummy and quality time spent with our baby girl ; )

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