Happy Chinese New Year (#CNY) 2014 from MrsMartinez

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hey Fat Choy! 恭禧發財! 恭禧发财! All means the same thing---> Wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year!

Chinese New Year display on our table

Last night, I went to Unimart to shop for fruits to be displayed on our table. I didn't know that a lot of people were doing some last minute shopping. The lines were pretty long because not all the counters were open... boo!

If you have been following me on IG (@xoxoMrsMartinez), you have probably seen the fruit display on my dining table, if not you can view it after the break...

10 kinds of fruits

I know it should be 12 to represent the 12 months but I was only able to buy 10. Pineapple is very important because it symbolizes wealth and luck but it's not available.. bummer, right? So, I bought all the round-shaped fruits that I can find hahaha

READ update below!!!

grapes, apple, lemon, orange,  pomelo

kiat kiat, pear, ponkan, mango, pomelo, papaya

Chinese New Year's eve is tonight. I still have time to go to the supermarket/grocery to buy pineapple and another fruit to add to my fruit display ; )



12 fruits on my table

Here's the list of the round fruits I bought for the Chinese New Year- pineapple, persimon, kiat kiat, pears, oranges, ponkan, mango, papaya, pomelo, apple, grapes and lemon.


"Xin [sing] Nian [nee-an] Kuai [kwai] Le [ler]" 新年快乐!(Happy New Year!)  Hong Bao Na Lai (Red envelope please!)

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