Kimukatsu Not Your Ordinary Tonkatsu

January 21, 2014

beside Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
Unit 5032 Level 5
Shangri-la Plaza East Wing

A few days before Grant left for Canada, we invited him and his wife, Wena, to dinner in the newest tonkatsu place in town- Kimukatsu. It is famous for its 25 layers of 1mm thin-sliced pork, stacked together and covered with imported raw bread crumbs.

Premium Katsu Set includes 1 rice set (unlimited rice, miso soup, cabbage and Japanese pickles

We were able to secure a table for 6 (#yayaMartinez and #babyMartinez included) immediately, no long lines since it was a weekday. 

Kurobuta, aka "black hog" pork, is known as the pinnacle of pork meat. It is reknowned for its richness, texture, marbling and juiciness

Premium Katsu Set has two kinds- Kurobuta Kimumatsu (PhP 595/130g) and Kurobuta Tonkatsu (Rosu) PhP 595/130g. 

I suggested that we order a 6 flavor assorted Kimukatsu Set. For PhP 2,100, we get to choose 6 flavors, it also includes 5 rice sets. We added PhP 200, totaling to PhP 2, 300, because we want to taste Kurobuta Kimumatsu- Kurobuta in Kimumatsu trademark mille-feuille form.

While waiting for the newlywed, we sampled some of the appetizers. Read more after the break...

Ebi Mayo PhP 210

We ordered 5 out of the 8 available appetizers on the menu. Among the 5, my favorite is Ebi Mayo. It is a bit spicy but I like it. It's a win-win order for me because I love shrimp and mayo hahaha

Potato Salad Php 130

Tomato Marinate PhP 80

Edamame PhP 110

Agedashi Tofu PhP 180

Another favorite of mine is Agedashi Tofu. #babyMartinez especially like the sauce. The other items on side menu are Kimutaku (PhP 110), Negi Shio Tofu (PhP 130), Tatsuta-Age (PhP 180).

Miso Soup- white or red? Which one is mine?

Japanese Pickles... I like!

cabbage and black sesame

There is a Rice Set menu available for those of you who want to share an order from the a la carte selection. It costs PhP 210/person which includes unlimited rice, cabbage, a choice of red and white miso soup and Japanese pickles.

Kimukatsu Ala Carte (per piece):

  • Ebi Fry PhP 130
  • Kaki Fry PhP 110
  • Scallop Fry PhP 130
  • Chicken Katsu (100g)  PhP 130
  • Menchi Katsu (65g) PhP 110

condiments for tonkatsu and cabbage

5 of the 6 flavor assorted Kimukatsu Set-

Plain Kimukatsu PhP 380

This is the standard Kimukatsu in mille feuille style!

Garlic PhP 380/ 130g

Cheese PhP 390/130 g

Made from Cheddar cheese, this is the best selling flavor in Japan!

 Kurubota Kimukatsu Special

Yuzu Kosho PhP 430/130g

It's tonkatsu infused with yuzu fruits and green chili pepper... too spicy for me!

Ume Shisho PhP 430/130 g

DH commented that everything tasted the same. I thought otherwise, in between eating the Japanese pickles and the 6 flavors, I find Kurobuta, Cheese and Plain as my favorite. Yes, in that order ; p

The food was good. Compared to Yabu, I like this one better. At least my mouth wasn't hurt from chewing all the panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) like what happened to me in Yabu.

The servers need to pay more attention to diners though so orders do not mix up. The mix up happened after I repeated our orders 3 times ; ( And please, we ordered 6 assorted Kimukatsu set that included 5 rice set, DO NOT limit and let 3 diners share a single rice bowl, a cabbage and pickles.

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