Kingfisher (KFisher) Seafood & Japanese Restaurant in Daet

December 28, 2013

KFisher Seafood & Japanese Restaurant
1101 Vicente Basil St.,
Daet, Camarines Norte

One of the restaurants recommended by DH's friends was KingFisher Seafood and Japanese Restaurant or locally known as KFisher. We went there for lunch before we left for Naga that same day.

grilled tuna belly

Since we were in the province where life was more laid back, the service also took some time. Our orders came out 30 minutes after we placed it. We ordered the Fresh Catch of the Day like tuna and salmon.

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sinigang na salmon

This is my first time to try sinigang with salmon as its main ingredient and I loved it!


Of course, being a Manila girl, I ordered the more familiar gambas. The shrimps were succulent, the taste... spicy, just the way I like it!

sizzling tuna

Lastly, we ordered tuna on a hot plate. It was still sizzling when served to us. The slices were thin so the tuna was overcooked and it was a bit tough to chew. Nevertheless, we ate everything so it would not go to waste. Another thing, we need all the energy for the long drive ahead.

We reached Naga before nightfall and stayed in one of our relatives' house. We had a massage after having a sumptuous dinner at Villa Caceres. We had a good night's sleep.

Early morning the next day, off we went to our meeting place inside CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) to meet with the rest of the members of the family and the driver who will drive us the boat to Caramoan Island. That will be another entry!

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