Hunongan Cove Resort in Caramoan Island

You all know by now that my family and I spent the new year in Caramoan. We spent two nights at Hunongan Cove Resort, a 10-minute boat ride from Gota Beach Resort.

On our last night (New Year's Eve), we had the chance to stay overnight and party at Gota Beach Resort. I will write a separate entry for that.

we booked 5 rooms in Hunongan Beach Resort

In the meantime, let me take you on tour around Hunongan Cove Resort. We are a very large group of 15 adults and kids, so we occupied 5 rooms plus a separate kitchen and dining area.

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our room

DH, #babyMartinez and I shared one big room with our own private toilet and bath.

king sized bed

This is not the most comfortable bed but enough to have a good night's sleep. 3 towels were provided so I assume that this room is good for 3 adults.

writing desk

Don't bother bringing your Android phones, laptops or even your pocket WiFi, it's useless because there is no signal from any of the three telecom companies.

32 inch tv

Don't get excited just because there is TV inside the room, there is no cable signal. You have to bring your own player and DVDs if you want to watch something.

an extra bed

We moved the bed to the side because #babyMartinez sleeps with us every night so we don't have any use for the extra bed. The sliding door opens to the veranda.

our ceiling

I love the ceiling. It's so nice to sleep and wake up to this kind of room. Feel na feel ko ang pagiging one with nature!


The toilet is a bit cramped. I expected a bigger one with the package we got.

bath with two rain showers

Water supply in the afternoon is a problem. Better take a bath in the morning and P-R-A-Y that there's still enough water left after your afternoon activities lol

hamburger with fries on the side

chewy burger

If you want an afternoon snack, you have to order it in advance because all the items in the menu are sourced from Gota Village Resort.


Speaking of activities, there are a lot, and I mean a LOT in store for visitors of Gota Village Resort. There's kayaking, mountain climbing, rapeling, wall climbing, trekking etc. I lose track of the many things that you can do hahaha

I was not able to enjoy any of it because #yayaMartinez went to her hometown the same time we were in Caramoan. I was with #babyMartinez the whole time. There was little or no activity at all for babies ; (

dining area

kitchen area

I was not able to enjoy our time in Hunongan Cove Resort because most of the time DH was his side of the family enjoying the activities the resort had prepared while I was left to tend with #babyMartinez. 

I want to go back ONLY if the road going to Gota Village is already paved and the travel time, shorter. If not, mas type ko pa mag check in nalang in one of the hotels here in Manila ; p

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