Things To Do in Caramoan

When in Caramoan, be prepared to be one with nature! My DH is perfect for this trip because he loves adrenalin.

Let me tell you how daredevil he was and how he scared the shit out of me---> On our first year of marriage, we went to Thailand for honeymoon. He signed up for 50 m bungee jump over water in Phuket. When he signed a waiver, releasing the company of any liabilities just in case something happened to him that's when I got scared terrified, I shouted on top of my lungs as he plummeted down the river. Thank God for sturdy rope. He is still alive to tell the tale!

free climbing over 30 m (?)

When our guide in Caramoan showed us the mountain to climb, I immediately retreated back to the beach while DH eagerly awaits for the next instruction. He is such a thrill-seeker! We are totally opposite.

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Hunongan Cove

#babyMartinez <3s the beach

injured right leg

Being a city girl, I was injured on our first day... over! I was just kneeling by the beach when I was toppled off by the wave. Yes, I was still holding #babyMartinez in my arms, buti nalang nothing happened to my baby. Kungdi... #?! talaga!

#babyMartinez doing some stockpiling

ayun inupuan din hahaha

To keep ourselves entertained, I ate a lot of chips/ snacks and played grocery shopping with #babyMartinez inside our room as seen in the photos above.
In short, we were super duper bored. Well, ako siguro ang pinakabored lol If only the current were not so strong, I would be brave enough to swim alone with #babyMartinez. I am not a good swimmer so, yeah, our room is our best bet ; p

In my next entry, I will show you our room in Gota Village Resort. Stay tuned!

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