Heaven Tender Love & Care Baby Diapers

Last week, I received a 3 packs of 24-piece Heaven Baby Diapers in the mail. I heard its radio commercial a few months back and that's where I learned that ACS manufactures it. Yes, it's the same corporation that produces Pride laundry detergent, Star Wax and Unique toothpaste ; )

Heaven Baby Diapers Large (9-14kg) pack of 24 PhP 186 or 7.75/pc.

As a first time mom, I wanted what's best for my baby and that includes diapers. Believe me when I say that I bought a lot of different brands. Some brands are way more expensive than the others but that does not guarantee that I get my money's worth, problems such as rashes and leaks often occur.

Anyway, to know more about my latest discovery- Heaven Baby Diapers, read more after the break...

cute design with breathable cottony cover

 #babyMartinez tried Heaven Baby Diapers for several days and here's what I can say:

  1.  No leaks- thanks to its Total Leak Control* (TLC) System
  2.  It's absorbent
  3.  It has soft cottony cover
  4.  No rashes because it's breathable
  5.  Fits comfortably with adjustable security tape

adjustable security tape & elastic waistband

side leak guards; extra absorbent core & locking layer with anti-leak channels

How to use Heaven Baby Diapers:

  1.  Put the diaper under baby's body
  2. Pull the elastic waistband 
  3. Apply security tape on both sides
  4. Make sure it fits perfectly; Adjust accordingly
  5. Adjust cuffs around the legs on both sides

Heaven Baby Diapers TLC system

 *Heaven Baby Diapers has a unique Total Leak Control System (TLC). It is a three-way system that controls the flow of liquid, quickly absorbs and locks it, and stops wetness for total leak protection.

 #babyMartinez in action

#babyMartinez is a very active little girl. She likes to run, play and read books. With Heaven Baby Diapers total leak protection, I can show my baby that I give her 100% Tender Love and Care!

Heaven Baby Diapers are also available in these sizes: Small (PhP 138/24pc. pack), Medium (PhP 162/24pc. pack), X-Large (PhP 210/24pc. pack). You can buy it in selected stores like Waltermart.

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