Fisher Supermarket Paluto in Quezon Avenue

I just got home from Fisher Mall and I have a new discovery to share! Inside Fisher Supermarket, at the far end, there's a huge blackboard with colorful writing and it's the Paluto Section.

Fisher Supermarket Paluto Section

You can either take the paluto home or eat it at the food court. We ate at the food court ; )

Let me take you on tour around the supermarket first. I used my Samsung Galaxy Mega in shooting some of the photos because I am not sure if they allow picture-taking inside the supermarket ; p

Fisher Supermarket

Fresh Produce Section

Fisher Mall will be one of my favorite malls to go to because of its wide space and tight security. I lose count of the guards roaming around the basement parking, inside the mall and when your car pass through the exit along Quezon Ave.

they have lots of imported products

look how the aisles are widely spaced 

USA section

you can view the price as the cashier ran the item through the sensor

You can view the fresh seafood I bought right after the break...

whoa! what a big catch

Step 1: Choose your meat

We opted for seafood. You can also choose from chicken, pork or beef.

King Fish in aquarium

Step 2: Soup/Steamed/With Sauce

Suahe PhP 510/kilo + Butter & Garlic Sauce PhP 110

King Fish 267/kilo

We like it steamed so we paid a extra PhP 105. There's a corresponding fee depending on the weight of your catch. 

Pusit PhP 199/kilo + Fried (Calamare) PhP 105

Our total bill amounted to PhP 766.85 including 3 cups of rice PhP 10/cup and PhP 5 for 3 sets of paper plate with plastic spoon & fork.

Fisher Mall sorbetero PhP 15

Just right outside the supermarket, there's a sorbetero that sells ice cream for as little as PhP 15 for 2 scoops. You can choose from buco pandan, cheese and mango. The ice cream is milky, not bad.

here's another photo of my dad waving and saying Hi to everyone!

Hmmm... I can smell the tikoy that's been cooked by our helper downstairs, got to go! Time for merienda ; p

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