Elias, Solaire's Patisserie, French Baker, Sincerity & King Sue

I am featuring Random Eats here in my blog. These are food that titillated my sense of taste like this sansrival from The French Baker (pictured below).

My mom ordered a sansrival from The French Baker while she was having a coffee break. At first, I didn't approve of it, thinking it would be too sweet for them "oldies" but to my delight, it tasted really good! I ended up eating most of it. Uhm, well, I tried to portion control and save my mom at least 1/4 and the rest was eaten by my dad lol

Sansrival from The French Baker in Robinsons Magnolia

For sweet Filipino dessert, I always go to Elias in Robinsons Magnolia. The bestsellers, at least in my opinion, are the Halo-halo and Guinomis.

Elias' Halo Halo

only ube ice cream for my dad

Actually, only ube flavored ice cream was available lol

Elias' Guinomis

that order was actually mine but dad insisted on posing with it

my mom's coffee

During the holiday season, I received an insulated King Sue gift pack containing some of its products and from The Kaiser Deli.

King Sue Hawaiian Ham Sliced

siempre di na pinapatagal pa ang mga ganitong Christmas food

King Sue Hawaiian Ham Sliced with ketchup and mustard

King Sue ham

The Kaiser Deli Chicken Sausage

When I went to Tagaytay Highlands to celebrate CNY 2014, I brought along King Sue's ham and The Kaiser Deli Chicken Sausage with me. It was served during breakfast. Di masyadong mabenta ang chicken sausage but the ham was good, ubos agad as in walang natira lol

King Sue Sliced Bacon

I told our helper to cook a few slices of bacon for DH's breakfast a few days ago. When I got down for breakfast, wala na akong naabutan or I would have taken a photo of the cooked bacon. Ok na din, that only means one thing, nagustuhan naman siya ni DH kasi ubos at wala akong narinig na complaint or violent reaction from him hahaha

The Kaiser Deli Bockwurst

The Kaiser Deli Kielbasa

I forgot which one among Kielbasa and Bockwurst was the spicy one. The spicier one was more my type  ; )

Sincerity's chicken

As I have said in my Valentine's entry, my family was supposed to eat at Calderon kaso isa lang ang parking slot... over, di ba? We ended up eating at Wu Xiang aka Sincerity Chicken.

Lumpiang Shanghai

We ordered a lot of food that day... fiesta kasi ng mga puso lol Kaso sa kakaikot ko para makahanap ng parking sa Calderon inabot na ako ng 2pm so that's already late lunch and we were all so hungry. That's the reason why I only got to take 2 photos, mahirap pag antayin ang mga gutom hahaha

Solaire's Patisserie

Bongga talaga itong dad ko, laging gusto siya ang bida sa blog ko  ; p I think mas madami na nga siyang photo compared to mine. Lahat nalang gustong i-model, pati itong kakarampot na danish bread and coffee from Solaire Resort and Casino lol

I don't know if you like my compilation of Random Eats but let me know so I can make another list next month!

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