Osaka Ohsho at Mega Fashion Hall

February 15, 2014

Osaka Ohsho
3rd Level, The MEGA Fashion Hall
SM Megamall

Osaka Ohsho, the gyoza specialist, recently opened its doors to food lovers. Today, we don't have to travel to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Singapore just to have a taste of the delicious handmade gyoza (dumplings) because  the newly opened branch is located at the 3rd floor of the hip new wing of SM Megamall called The Fashion Hall.

Chahan Karaage and Gyoza Set PhP 395

Osaka Ohsho, which literally translates to "The King of Gyoza in Osaka", offers not only dumplings but also salads, soup, agemono (deep fried) as well as a variety of rice and noodles.

part of Chahan Karaage and Gyoza Set PhP 395

My family and I went there during lunch time last Saturday. The restaurant was in full swing. Being one of the few restaurants open, many diners and onlookers were either waiting for a table or checking the menu.

While waiting I was browsing the menu, a bit on the expensive side but I was curious and craving for savory dumplings. Luckily, we were given a table in a little less than 5 minutes... that was fast!

Most sets include a 3-piece gyoza so it would save you money to order a set instead of ordering it a la carte- 6 pieces for PhP 175 and 12 pieces for 350.

During our visit, only the Original Gyoza was available. Other flavors like Cheese and Nori were not yet available ; (

Chili Oil, Osaka Ohsho Original and Miso

There are three dips available in every table. You can mix these sauces to suit your taste. Personally, I liked the Osaka Ohsho Original/ Miso combination. 

part of Chahan Karaage and Gyoza Set PhP 395

I love the taste of Karaage, the coating remained crunchy even if it was glazed with sauce. Only three small chicken pieces are included in every set.

Each Chahan Set comes with a single serving of Chahan, 3 pieces of gyoza, miso soup, a fruit plate (more like small slices of pineapple and watermelon) and unlimited premium steamed Japanese Koshihikari rice (plain white rice).

Karaage is also available a la carte- with Trio of Sauces PhP 320 and with Grated Radish PhP 330. You can also order Chicken Karaage Toji Set for only PhP 375. Instead of Chahan, it is served with Japanese Koshihikari rice.

Beef Sukiyaki Koshihikari Set PhP 375

Each Koshihikari Set includes 3 pieces of gyoza, miso soup, a fruit plate and unlimited premium steamed Japanese Koshihikari rice.

The strips of beef was filled with fats and it was lacking in sauce.  I was disappointed to say the least so I made sure to cook Sukiyaki at home for lunch the next day ; p There's no doubt that the only saving grace of this set was the 3 pieces of gyoza.

Also available in a la carte Beef Sukiyaki for PhP 380.

Kiddie Prawn Tempura Set PhP 260

The Kiddie Prawn Tempura Set is worth every peso! 3 huge prawns were deep fried to perfection. Kiddie sets are only available for children 10 years old or younger. Each set includes rice, miso soup and a fruit plate. Incidentally, a Kiddie Chicken Karaage Set is only PhP 185.

Under Agemono, you can order an All Prawn Tempura- 5 pieces for PhP 375 and 8 pieces for PhP 540.

Chicken Teriyaki Don PhP 260

Our order of Chicken Teriyaki Don finally came out after repeated requests. In fact my dad, sister and I were already done eating when this order was served. I was already asking for the bill thinking that this dish will not be served anymore.

Also available in Chicken Teriyaki Kiddie Set for only PhP 190.

The waiters were all frazzled, there was no tempura sauce to go with our tempura set and the set of gyoza sauce was not on our table. And then this...

Osaka Ohsho Salad Full Order PhP 330

I chose to order Osaka Ohsho Salad over Ebi Pineapple Salad (PhP 350) because I don't eat pineapple. Anyway, our order came out like the photo posted posted above. I thought something was different/missing and then I checked the menu (photo below). The veggies used were different and I was not informed ; (

Osaka Ohsho Salad pictured on the menu

I ended up cancelling the order, it was not as appetizing as it looks on the photo. I canceled this and ordered Chicken Teriyaki Don instead.

On a side note, Osaka Ohsho came out with 3 Afternoon Sets (Gyoza PhP 210, Chicken Teriyaki PhP 210 & Pork Cutlet Toji PhP 220) specially for those who will come in the restaurant between 2pm to 5pm.  Each set comes with a miso soup and Japanese Koshihikari rice.

Anyway, I was there 3 (?) days after it opened so I am cutting it some slack. If and when DH wants to eat in this restaurant, I will gladly go with him provided I will order the Kitayama Wagyu Steak with Duo of Sauces (PhP 1800) or the US Certified Angus Ribeye with Duo of Sauce PhP 880 ; p Of course, the gyoza that it is famous for is a must order! Hopefully, cheese and nori flavors will be available by that time.

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